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22 April 2006


Internet Radio, Podcast on GNU/Linux

Yesterday, I've experienced my first Internet Radio show on GNU/Linux. This show's invitation I've received from GPLv3 site. Though, I've not listened to the full show, but it was really cool show (covering some good topics from Java to Free software), available @

Well, there are other sites also which offer Internet Radio shows. One such site is, which maintains a registry of internet radio stations. The applications in GNU/Linux which support listening to Internet Radio shows are Rhythmbox, based on GStreamer, and amaroK based on GStreamer, Xine etc. The amaroK RPMs available from Fedora Extras, comes with only GStreamer backend, where support for Internet Radio is broken. So you can go for Xine backend, which can be downloaded as amarok-extras-nonfree RPM package from Livna RPM repository.

Podcasting support is also there. But in Rhythmbox, support for podcasting is broken, so I've opted for amaroK. A good podcast source is The Podcast Network, and a good podcast available is GNU/Linux User Show, but unfortunately it is available only in MP3 codec (advertised through RSS feed), not Ogg as I expected it to be. :-(

In case streaming audio (or video) is MPEG III (or any other patented codec), you also need appropriate codec plugins for the audio backend engines you're using.

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