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07 February 2006


When GUI fails...

I was burning a CD on Ubuntu Linux @ my dad's office. I started GnomeBaker (I've never used it earlier since I'm using K3B at my place). After dragging all files into the directory tree, a clicked on "Create Data CD" button, and then a dialog popped-up with options like label, boot image etc. I decided to go with default options. And pressing OK, the application crashed. I then tried X-CD Roast, but it hasn't detected my CD recorder, and asking for enabling SCSI emulation. ooops. Finally, the last option to me was go with cdrecord. But cdrecord, needs an ISO image not files. So, I've to built an ISO image for it. To build ISO image, I've used mkisofs. I've never tried these tools. So it was a pain for me because their manpages comes with tons of options. I know that giving tons of options means providing flexibility but sometimes these works as catalyst in increasing doubts. But to ease the pain, these manpages shipped with the examples. So for building iso image and burning to my CD recorder I executed following commands.

wahjava@server ~$ mkisofs -o cd.iso cdroot
wahjava@server ~$ cdrecord -dao dev=/dev/hdb speed=32 cd.iso

That's all I was done. I can customize the disc recording more but I was in hurry (or scared ;-)). So moral of the story is always try to know what is happening in the behind the scenes because all (I mean most or some) of these GUI tools used these command-line tools. It is also better to learn these command line tools, because they provide a flexibility which these GUI tools can't provide you.

I haven't installed K3B, because I don't have time to do so and more over I want to restrict this server installation to GNOME only.

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