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04 February 2006


Don't trust Poll results

The poll (see in the bottom of the site, which used to publish daily in The Times of India newspaper) is not a genuine poll. Never trust this poll. I've tried biasing it and I'm successful. I've tried it in Linux. You can try it any OS, you just have to create a bot ;-). Following is my linux bot script using lynx web browser (one of my favorite web browsers):

lynx --post_data <post
Don't ignore above hyphens '---'
Command for posting 301 times. Tested on bash
wahjava@pc ~$  for (( i = 0; i <= 300 ; i++ )); do ./cmd >/dev/null; echo $i; done;

I hope they'll repair their poll soon. They've not added any human verification schemes. So I think poll is targeted for machines. i.e. What they think of the situation ? But humans are also given chance to participate. ;-)

Sometimes you amaze me. What I like about you is that you go die-hard after what you aim and with much of dedication. Keep up the good work !!
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