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23 January 2006


Installed server...

Since Saturday January. 21, 2006, I was busy installing Linux on a new server for my dad's company. They've opted for a assembling a server from Intel instead of getting a readymade (or branded server). I really appreciate this. Their requirement was to reuse their old Pentium II systems. So I suggested why not go for Linux and netbooting it. I've tried to create a prototype of PXE booting on Linux but, it was unsuccessful and now. One of Linux Guru, suggested me LTSP. So I decided to try it.

So on saturday, I began installation of server. Installed Ubuntu Linux which I ordered from It was a complex installing Linux on a server. The first task was to figure out how to configure RAID, I've referred to some docs on the Internet which says my server board comes with software RAID (or fakeraid) not a hardware RAID, that was a surprise to me. Now finally I've installed my system...

Tomorrow I'll configure DNS and DHCP , and then finally LTSP I don't want LTSP to manage DHCP or DNS for me

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